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anyone that refers themself as a nigga is not right in their mind and needs to become conciously aware. Grow up!
by Lovemyblkness July 31, 2003

Words related to A nigga that wants ta' be a cracka

someone who is an oreo, black on the outside white on the inside
by PRicanBeauty August 03, 2003
Carlton from "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"
Will Smith is a true nigga but Carlton is a nigga that wants ta be a cracka.
by Willy October 08, 2003
opposite of wigger
Not really an example, but note to dimensio: "A nigga that wants ta' be a cracka" isn't a sentence. Phrases are okay to use. Learn some damn English grammar.
by Alex February 19, 2003
A nigga that's confused
by Danny September 30, 2003
also know as a blacker
man, nate is such a blacker
by pennywise the clown March 18, 2005