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A Hitler is when you stick your finger up your ass, and smeer the shit on there upper lip, while either asleep, sadated or unconcoisus on your kitchen floor
"has that little boy not noticed that he has a hitler on his lip"
"Yeah I gave this kid a hitler while he was ODing on mesciline"
by Andrew Ricardo May 01, 2006
Now this is very similar to a dirty sanchez. However, there is a certain twist to it. A Hitler is when a man is plowing a female anally and pulls out and asks the girl to face him. This is when the man wipes his dirty poo-stricken cock above the females mouth making a perfect Hitler style moustache.
Oz: Did you see that chicks moustache?

Nat:Yeh man it smelled like shit!

Oz: Must of got a Hitler
by SpankMyMonkey February 03, 2010
Like the original Hitler, someone who is not very nice and works you like a b****. Commonly used on teachers and people who are really annoying.
Student 1: Dude, the teacher gave me loads of homework again
Student 2: What a Hitler
by Meh.Meh.Meh. October 23, 2013
Wait until your partner falls asleep, then reach into your anal cavity, get some "materials" and smear a small hitler style moustache on your partners upper lip
i gave my mum a hitler yesterday!!!
by Samuel Mc Day January 20, 2009
A person who descriminates against a group of peoples. Similar to that of Adolf Hitler's hatred of the Jews.
The desire to maim and/or kill all people of a different origin.
"Americans pulled a Hitler during WWII by imprisoning the Japanese and the Japanese-Americans in concentration camps"
by Kidonia Shinji June 20, 2006
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