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An emo prick, with stupid ginger hair that's shaved round the sides and long on the top. The long hair on the top is pulled, with reasonable force (assumed to be a form of self-harming) across the face, so as to hide one eye. Said ginger emo will walk around hitting out with colloquial, yet - strangely - not emo, banter and assume he is funny. Yet, deep down, we all know he is just another ginger emo prick.

Also note that a Zander Emo may well have a bent penis, resembling the shape of a boomerang, but usually not as big, or fun.

Therefore, to spot a Zander Emo one should simply look for the previous mentioned haircut and someone who stands side on when peeing into a urinal.
A Zander emo:- My ginger hair is fluttering in the wind and I can't get it to stay over my eye, but oh well - wan life!

- I wish I could hide my status as a paedophile better! Every time I go to the toilet, in school, I have to stand side on and everyone knows I'm staring at the children next to me! I wish I could just glance over subtly - it makes it much easier to have a wank.

- Shut up, sket!

Guy: Here mate, shut yer hole - you're a fuckin' Zander emo.
by TheDa.1 October 08, 2011