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Over explaining something that can be said with a simple short answer, or going off on a tangent that doesn't even relate to the original inquiry.
Person A: How do you make mac and cheese?

Person B: First you pull out the box of mac and cheese but you have to make sure you have mac and cheese in the first place. Like yesterday, I wanted to make mac and cheese, but I was all out of mac and cheese, because I ate it all last week when Leann came over, because she wanted to eat mac and cheese for dinner after we studied. We had this costumes exam we had to pull an all nighter to study for, because you, you know, we've been working late every night this week with this show that we're working on, so I haven't had any time to study at all, and I definitely failed the last one we had, so I couldn't fail this one. I think it's about 50% of our grade. But anyway, I wanted mac and cheese the other day, but I couldn't have it because I was out, right? And I didn't have any time to go to the store, so I had to make ramen instead. So I had Sean drive me to the store yesterday so I could finally get some mac and cheese, because I also got paid yesterday, so now I had the money for it. I almost had to have my parents buy it for me.

Person A: But... how... how do you make it???

Person B: Oh, right. So then you need butter, right?

Person A: ...Damn that was a tennesse williams...
by Kaity Red February 15, 2009
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