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• S: (n) A Sanford Moment (a momentary lapse of reason)

Sanford (A.K.A. “Lov Gov”)

adj., Sandfordly.

1. Affected or characterized by people suffering from loneliness.

2. To tear up, blubber, and stammer.

3. To result in graveling and derision.

4 Deplorable; a sad state of affair.

5. To fall off the deep end; to seek escapism often by crossing the sex line; to lust for a soul mate even if just fantasy; to jeopardize your career even though you know the price.
I was at the restaurant, all alone. No friends were there--not one! It was A Sanford Moment, totally. Yeah, it was that bad.
by ConcealedID July 08, 2009
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