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Function: noun
1: a discussion with one or more people who have little to no experience with or education about the topic.
2: a date that involves (a) sexual role playing as a hunter and moose, (b) sexual role playing as a moose and lumberjack's daughter, or (c) having intercourse with a moose while role playing as a snowmobile champion and vice president.
3: Canada's History without the maple syrup or Stanley Cup. Usually a complicated variation of 2(c).
4: an evening with former Alaska governor Sarah Palin.
I just got out of a meeting with Sarah Palin.

We had drinks at O'Brian's then went to her house; it was almost a night with Sarah Palin but I left out the bathroom window.

I'd hate for this to turn into a night with Sarah Palin.

I never had a night with Sarah Palin before, but he really liked the moose.
by Marsha Webster February 06, 2010

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