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A rare Fratdaddy that often resides in the most superior of Frat Castle's. This brah has an excellent fratitude! Here are his strengths & weaknesses:

Strengths: Pounding Frat Water (Natty Light), Chillin, Creating fratfits, Toting up, Using Chat Roulette, Educating on all thangs Dank & increasing fratmosphere through fratmosis.

Weaknesses: Staircases, All things "Not Chill", GEEDS, Anything involving the use of shoulders, Country music, Fat Chicks (Isn't that everyone's)

This Brah's powers increase with a mystical herb & dank mash-ups!
Oh, that guy's A Lykens he fell down the staircase, broke his shoulder, and was still able to get up in time to smoke a blunt and chill.

This geed asked my butt buddy Jerry for a hit and I told him dude "Not Chill, Sorry bout cha."
by geedzrul January 20, 2011
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