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An uncommon British slang term for an 1/8th measure of something, i.e. Marijuana (£20 worth).

Can be used to disguise the meaning of the conversation when around dissaproving parties.

Word usage is in reference to the British Monarch Henry the 8th.
Stoner 1: Yo, we gettin a Henry tonight?
Stoner 2: Ye man, if I can scrape the loot together.
Stoner 1: If you can't I'll just get a mench blad
by Hammy_UK July 13, 2008
An incrediably big headed and self centerd person who goes out of their way to ruin other peoples lives. Usually has an extreamly large nose and bushy eyebrows
omg that boy is such a prat! he is such a henry!
by Clairee && Jesiie February 28, 2008
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