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Morons reporting about morons.
Tracy Grimshaw: The public has been outraged over (some infamous baddie) being left in peace.
Cue shitty footage of some male reporter harassing baddie at their place of residence.

Tracy Grimshaw: There's been some new evidence that suggests cats prefer the colour red.
"Expert" (flipping pages): Uh well we've been seeing a lot of new evidence that cats like red.
Random cat lady: "My old Mittens loves red things."
Street random: "Yeah I like cats."

Tracy Grimshaw: Next week on A Current Affair...
by PomiWells February 16, 2012
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(or ACA) A current affair show (a bit like Today Tonight) shown on Channel 9 in Australia. Hosted by Tracy Grimshaw (the one that Gordon Ramsay called an old ugly pig).
A Current Affair is just like Today Tonight, sensationalist pigs!
by parafieldgardens4eva August 24, 2010

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