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Being interupted during sex - as in, 'half way there...'.
"I was about to drop my load in Becky when my roommate bardged in the room. Becky ran to the bathroom, then wouldn't let me finish...leaving me with a Bon Jovi."
by Jo Mo October 25, 2005

An extremely large mullet- Hairstyle made popular in the 80s

I haven't seen A Bon Jovi that sweet since Toby Keith came to town.

by Convict February 03, 2006
To sit in a tree for a long period of time waiting for a helpless soul to walk underneath as you spill your brown poopy toxins onto their unsuspecting foreheads.
"Dude I made a tree fort and totally gave a dude a bon jovi."
by the Roflsaur October 13, 2005