Top Definition
only the best song ever

originally performed by nen
-rerecorded by goldfinger
i like rocking out to 99 red balloons
by Tizzle March 24, 2005
An adjective acting as a noun that describes a person in possession of pretty much every kind of STD. These include but are not limited to: bacterial vaginosis, chancroid, donovanosis, gonorrhea, lymphogranuloma venereum, non-gonococchal urethritis, staph infection, syphilis, tinea cruris, yeast infection, adenovirus, viral hepatitis A B C D and E, Herpes simplex, HIV/AIDS, HTLV 1 and 2, genital warts, cervical cancer, anal cancer, molluscum contagiosum, mononucleosis, Kaposi's sarcoma, Crabs, Scabies, and trichomoniasis.
Alex: Hot damn bro...See that jailbait? I'd love to tap that.
Micah: Don't be such a dumbass, she definitely has 99 red balloons.
Alex: True. I wouldn't want my crabs to get herpes.
by LilSwagga November 08, 2009

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