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Common street term used to refer to a modern website layout. The term which originated in mid 2000's South Central Los Angeles when first coined by a gangster named O.G. CAPS-Loc, has recently been picked up by hipsters and web gurus alike. It has since been referenced in songs such as Dub3C's "L.B.CSS" from his yet to be released 2010 studio project "Below the Fold: The Grid-dy Streets".
From Dub3C's "L.B.CSS"

"...Dub-thrizzy, got dem goons ridin' wit me /
Got the tray and I'm rollin' thru my hood, L-B-C /
Yea I'm on the corner where da streets and da G's be
tagged up and flying colors like a 960..."
by DoTheyHaveTalons? March 27, 2010
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