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When someone is acting like a gangsta but the truth is hes really just a scared homosexual who lies about the majority of his actions and daily life. The word 96 shit was made for Felts "Keishun" Smith, and was thought of due to the fact

that keishun was claiming to have gotten jumped into crip by two members of rollin 60's, and one member of rollin 90's at the same time, thus when combining 90 and 60 together the product is 96 shit.
Wil: you walked 2 miles just to steal some socks!?
Robby: you had love for blood last week and now your claiming crip!?
Courteon: you asked out brenden!?
everybody in WHHS: Keishuns on that 96 shit!!!
Felts "keishun": thats real...='(
by Biggie T, & Wil Boogie January 15, 2011
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