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A group of sick little girls who think its cool to sleep with creepy pedo guys who are 5 years older than them and sleep with anything they can get, for points. older the boy, higher the point. if your dtf for a threesome, higher point.
"yo man bitch#1 and bitch#2 were both dtf so we did it in the student parking lot. thats like double points for the 94 whores."
by fsubetches May 12, 2010
A group of girls born in 1994 who devised a tally point based game. The object of the game is for each individual whore to collect as many points as possible, the winner being the whore with the most points. The amount of points awarded to each whore is dependent on who or how many people they have sex with, where they do it, and how they do it. Any member or official participant of this are deemed a "94 Whore"
hey! why the hell did you miss our game against the Sea Dogs??", "Sorry! i had a game with two 94 whores in the parking lot. Did we win the game?" "hells ya, we slaughtered them!" "sweet! me too.
by paco_libre December 13, 2010

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