US Military slang for "that's gay" which the US Military is no longer allowed to say. Commonly used to describe something in a negative manner. Also interchangeable with fucked up, FUBAR, stupid, and lame.
1. CPT: Sergeant, we need forty people to carry the general's luggage.

SGT: That is so 920

2. PVT #1: Dude! We have a GI Party tonight. And it's god damn Friday.

PVT #2: Man, Top is so 920.

3. LT: Sergeant, I want to talk to you about my feelings on the upcoming inspection.

SGT: Sir, quit being so 920 and man up
by slowdup December 07, 2011
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Due to the repeal of the Don't Ask Don't Tell Policy occurring on September 20th, 920 refers to a Homosexual in the Military or something having the status of homosexuality.
Noun- "That guy's a 920, you might want to hold off on that shower until he's gone."

Adjective- "Dude, why you wearing that "Salmon" shirt. That's 920 as hell."
by HoboCoastie February 10, 2014
a retards SAT score
did you hear about charlie
no, he scored a 920 on his SAT's
wow what a retard.
by chuckles920 September 18, 2009
To make a change to something but the same results happen in a negative manner

I kept changing a computer program, but it stayed at 920 kilobytes.
by Paul Elling May 24, 2007

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