1. The date that initiated the biggest cover-up in American history. On 9/11, our governtment decided it was time to inflict outragous acts of terrorism, blame it on someone else, destroy all the evidence that could link them criminally by destroying the building they were using to control the demolition of the two towers (WTC7), and then start a war that cannot be won.
2. The date 'shock & awe' was initiated....Sorry to all the Americans who thought it was meant for the Iraqis. You've been dooped by your tyrannical government, again.
You can't always trust the news...especially when people running the news are directly related to members of government. All the news that was broadcast was and still is controlled by the government. What they don't want you to see is the security tapes confiscated by the FBI from motels & highway security cameras that show a cruise missle hitting the pentagon. If it had been a hijacked airplane that hit the pentagon, I'm sure the government could make some frames public that actually show a plane. But you know why you haven't seen it? Cause it doesn't exist. I'm sure they could show you a cruise missle, but that would proved they lied. I'm not even going to get into the twin towers. You can see for yourself at www.loosechange.com. This is one of many sites that question the governments "Ommision Report." All that needs to be said is, "The lack of proof by the government to prove, without a doubt, that it was a terrorist action, is the proof that they had everything to do with the attacks of 9/11." Just because the government "Said So", that doesn't make it proven truth.
by R.Kelley September 24, 2007
Infamous false flag operation that was planned and orchestrated by individuals within the United States government with help from Israel. The purpose being to give a reason to implement martial law and fascism in America and to invade foreign countries. A pre-fabicrated story about "Osama bin Laden and 17 highjackers" was released soon after the attacks to fool the American people. Amazingly enough, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, a number of gullible Americans still believe the "17 highjackers" fable.
"9/11 changed everything. That means we have to surrender our rights and obey the government. Anyone who doesn't comply is a terrorist and will be treated as such."
by G. S. S. August 15, 2007
An event that remains unconnected to the reprocussions of American foreign policy in the minds of the majority of Americans.
9/11 was the day when the violence perpetuated by a plethora of corporations finally reached America.
by humancadaver101 September 13, 2006
A tragic day which symbolised the beginning of the end for modern society...
It's suspicious how the dignity of Western Culture declined rapidly in the aftermath of 9/11...

Unethical business practises, decline in intelligence, trashy celebrity culture, sexualisation of children, saturation of marketing, superficial beauty, global recession, city riots, social unrest, permissive attitudes, relationship breakdowns, mediocre television, banal music, progressive cynicism, political apathy, corrupt authority figures etcetera...

Although these issues have always existed in society, after 9/11 they not only became recognised, but also widely accepted :/
by GoAskAlex1991 January 25, 2012
The ninth of November
9/11 is the ninth day of the month of November
by clevelandsteamer936 January 08, 2008
A Day That Alot Of Americans Got Pissed Off.
Bob : Dude did you hear what happend yesterday (9/11)?

Jake: Yep....Alot of people are gonna get pissed off at that.
by Duplexblowfish December 25, 2009
A sad day where america lost 2,998 people. Where the World Trade Center and The Pentagon was attacked with airplanes.
I remember when my grandpa died in the World Trade Center on 9/11
by everydayimsteppingonabeach March 31, 2015
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