when god played jenga by himself and failed horribly after 2 turns
god - okkkayy.......... *crash* SHITTTT

this example includes "9/11" as requested by urbandictionary
by Hawaiian Dicking May 08, 2009
A synonym for "hahahaha" or "lol". 9/11 = .8181818181, and since "H" is the 8th letter of the alphabet and "A" is the 1st, 9/11 = "hahahahaha".
Bro: Shawn Johnson can be cute sometimes but other times looks like a dude that got his face teabagged 24/7 in the gobi desert.

Dude: 9/11!!!!!!!
by 4rch August 16, 2008
9/11 is the day that a horrible tragedy struck America.
Hey Tina did you see the news today?
yeah i will never forget 9/11
by fairygoddess2221 September 16, 2005
C'mon guys, it happened in FUCKING 2001. I think it's okay to make jokes about it now.
you guys should get those poles surgically removed out of your asses if they've been there for 9 years.

9/11 is funny.
by Imgonnagetsomuchhatemail4this September 28, 2010
Server: WTT 9/11
Taliban has pwned World Trade Center with Boeing 747
by Rhymo May 31, 2009
Where A=1, B=2, C=3 ... H=8, etc etc.
9/11 = 0.8181818181
by Marencian September 03, 2008
Another way to say you deserved it!
Yankee; I just got kicked in the nads by my ho, bitch girlfriend!
(Anyone); Speaking about her that way, I think 9/11! I'd do it too, but you Amerikans got no balls.
by Paul J Parkinson June 13, 2005

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