A 9/11 is a sex act in which a man violently and unexpectedly inserts his penis into the anus of his sex partner. This may occur during or outside consensual intercourse.
When I asked Maria why she broke up with Stanley, she said that he gave her a 9/11 after a night of drinking.
#anal rape #butt rape #anal intrusion #painal #bucking bronco
by FetusDestroyer June 17, 2012
the day that screwed up america and all of its allies royally (well, only the ones that actaully declared war with the jackass). also the day that made america hate bush 10x more than we did in the first place. but more, it was the day when not only everyone was scared for life and/or lost a loved one, it was also a day when thousands of our loved ones were going to be sent to their meaningless deaths in the middle of the desert.
god bless america? how are we blessed when hundreds of ppl are dyin a senseless death everyday?
by gunslingergirlvy_c_e July 18, 2005
The date of the first major terrorist attack on American soil. Also the first day three steel skyscrapers have collapsed vertically in free-fall into their footprints from fires alone. Also the first day a Vice President has ordered airborne interceptors to STAND DOWN and allow an airplane to purportedly crash into the pentagon (although no video has yet been released of an airplane hitting the building since the FBI seized the dozens of videotapes). Also... well I could go on all day.
Wow, WTC 7 fell down like it was demolished on 9/11 from some small fires, even though buildings hit directly with huge bombs dont fall down like that... that's weird.
#9/11 #bush #cheney #dick #george #fascism #terrorism #false flag #northwoods
If you think 9/11 was bad, look at what happened to innocent Cambodian people during the Khmer Rouge. 3,000 murders is bad, but 2 MILLION is a hell of a lot worse. Plus, over 50,000 innocent Iraqis have died in the Iraq war. let me also point out that only 1 of the 19 hijackers were from Iraq. All the others were from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Jordan.
"9/11 is the Bush administration's excuse for countless war crimes against innocent people."
#bush #september #11 #2001 #iraqi #terrorism
by IATUP August 18, 2008
The best thing that ever happened to country music.

*cough* Toby Keith *cough* *cough*

See: rednecks, toby keith, cashing in on tragedy, bullshit.
Lyrics to newest country song: "9/11, terrorists, war, Osama, twin towers, pentagon, Gonna kick yer ass!" It's gonna be a big hit.
#rednecks #toby keith #cashing in on tragedy #bullshit #sad day
by L375k337­ ­ January 31, 2009
Attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and the White House, orchestrated and executed by the United States Government. This allowed the Government to:

- Pass the Patriot Act
- Invade Iraq
- Destroy World Trade Center 7
- Place a false fear in America
9/11: "...and so he led the country to fascism... using military power, with a strong sense of nationalism... much like a dictatorship. He used propaganda to discriminate against a certain scapegoat."

-History textbook
"The Rise of Hitler"
#george bush #world trade center #conspiracy #united states #terrorism #terror #wmd
by beholdthewhitehorse March 13, 2009
A tragic, horrific day in American history. The day exhibited how vulnerable the United States can be, yet the politicians have a major portion of our military in Iraq. Didn't the government learn anything?
The U.S. military has been in Iraq longer than we participated in WWII & longer than the "Civil War".....
After 9/11, our Military needs to be where it belongs; HOME, attempting to protect the American people!
9/11 changed America forever. If I were president, I would tell them to eat their oil and we will keep our food; I would bring the military home immediately and stop feeding the military industrial complex. ie: the companies that make all of the ammunition, guns, planes, tanks, humvees, etc. Enough of our military has died or been maimed, needlessly! In my opinion, 9/11 started this ignorant dispersion of the U.S. military in another "Vietnam"!! Why does the U.S. police the world? Isn't it time the U.S. "saved" the U.S.? There's oil in places other than the middle east. Enough death!
#wwii #oil #death & dismemberment #protection #taxes #change
by The "orignal" Irishman May 11, 2008
A Tragic day, were innocent people were a victim to an elobrate clever scheme plotted by thier own government, to gain the green light for slaughtering people and raiding countries.
All incidents of that day remain very vague, all jews recieven notes before the accident infroming them that would happen. No jews went to the WTC on that day (hmm a miracle? lol)

After that incident, Afghanistan was occupied, then Iraq, stealing all of Iraqi's petrol, COUNTLESS UNARMED CIVILIANS were brutally murdered, Many women were raped by marines, and killed in thier homes. Not to mention the multiple torture prisons. All thats under the name of "Fighting Terrorism" ironic isn't it?

It is after 9/11, USA aquired new lands, new markets, displayed its military power, was able to RE-plant opium in afghanistan, was able to Obtain the number one source of Oil in the world (We all know how oil is the most vital product worldwide). And further more, engaged a clear war on Islam/Muslims/And Arabs, giving them the right to arrest any of them under now known reason, torture them, and propably kill them or imprison them for the rest of thier life (perhaps conducting human expirements on them, hmmm?)

A basic law in investigations, states, if u want to find the criminal, you look for the person who gains the most from the crime.
#9/11 #september 11 #september 11th #9/11 terrorist #conspiracy
by M.H November 11, 2006
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