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A male that's 13 or 14 years old (in some cases 15) in the 8th grade. Very immature, ignorant, and a complete showoff. Does retarded stuff like buying snacks at a Football game only to throw them at others. Some are mature, but most of them are immature jackasses. Worse than 6th grade girls. The girls behave A LOT better than the guys in 8th grade.
Tommy (Immature 8th grade boy): Haha are you a brony Hubert?
Hubert (Mature 8th grade boy, brony): Yeah... why?
Tommy: HAHA FAG!!!
Hubert: I am not a fag
Tommy: Yes you are let me see a picture of a pony so I can kill it!
by Derpy12 February 07, 2013
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