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annoying pre-teen who thinks they're on top of the world. Can often times be seen at shopping centers with ice cream shops where they feel they are aloud to put their feet on the table and be OBNOXIOUS.
Obnoxious 8th grade girl: OMG I'M OUT OF GUM! (putting feet on table)

Annoyed Mother: You know, If the health department were to come in here right now, they'd kick you out and shut the place down. Your feet do NOT belong on that table!

Obnoxious 8th grade girl: Soooorry

Everyone else: THANK GOD!
by Tell me you love me November 24, 2006
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girls in 8th grade who think they are hot and sexy. they are sluts. usually at a school dance or party they grind or make out with more than 1 boys or girl.
there 8th grade girls , obviously .
by giiiiirl717495 January 25, 2010
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In manhasset, in class of 2007 they are all prude mean ugly bitches who think they are funny and beautiful when in fact they are the complete opposite. They only like "good looking guys"! They are all gay and i dont give a rats motherFUCKIN ass if they dont fucking like me! They are all either fat, ugly(faces), not matured looking, too short, too tall and WEIRD! SUCK MY BIG TEN INCH!
by c. pilsner July 15, 2003
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