1. Used by Neo-nazis for HH , 8 is the 8th letter in the alphabet, standing for Heil Hitler.
2. Used by Neo Nazis for the 88 Precepts by Davis Lane, an influential Neo-nazi
Used in graffiti, writing and in speech or any other forms of communication such as
Skinhead 1: "88 my brother"
Skinhead 2: "Heil Hitler my brother"
by G_Ram May 29, 2007
Kisses and Hungs
This stems back from the beginning of amateur (ham) radio. It is said when you're talking to your partner on the radio, when 73 (a typical goodbye) just won't cut it.
"OK I'll finally be able to see you on Friday!"
"Sounds great dear, 88!"
by Yasholomew Yashinski August 23, 2006
Gay men's answers to 69. Two set of balls are required and a heck of a lot balls on balls rubbing action. Also use for comfort/make up foreplay. <=88=>
male # 1: hey u sad ?
male # 2: yea
male # 1: aww... 88 ?
male # 2: alright... heads-up ?
by emagle June 20, 2006
two lesbian chicks eating eachother out at the same time
Guys like watching an 88 in the making
by Lil'Thug December 08, 2004
Started when people used to sign off their e-mails w/the term l8r. (later) Which then became l8r g8r. (later gator) Then was shortened to just 88.
See you 88.
by JSG June 30, 2004
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