another word for Whites (as in 87%); used by blacks
Golf used to be a game just for the 87, until Tiger Woods started playing.
by a April 12, 2005
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An abreviation representing the sexual act of licking someones anus. The 8 represents the anus and vagina, while the 7 represents a tongue.
Dude, last night while I was limbless, I performed 87 on Peggy. In the morning I had some feces on my face!
by Limblessless August 23, 2006
A cheating female. In the February 2003 issue of Cosmopolitan, 87% of females admitted to cheating, so a female who has cheated, is an 87.
You don't wanna marry that bitch, she's an 87!
by superslacker87 April 24, 2005
A way to describe a quality for weed. 87 would be reggie, 89 would be mids and 93 would be your good shit. (Octane for gas).
Yo nigga I paid 5 dollaz fo some 87 da otha day?
by GivMeHeadTrick May 13, 2010
the 8 means forever
and the 7 is luck
so 87 is ever-lasting-luck
ugly cuzin dude: hmm whats the 87 for?
hot dude: uuugh.. cause im always lucky ;)
by its me! =3 April 21, 2008
A number that can give good luck or bad luck or good luck followed by bad luck. Maybe even Bad luck followed by bad luck or good luck caused by bad luck that originated from good luck followed by bad luck. Anyway, if you see the number 87 a lot then you're going to have some kind of luck.
Dude 1- Hey man I've been seeing 87 everywhere.

Dude 2- Cool. Last time I saw 87 a lot I found 100 dollars on the ground.

Dude 1- I hope I'm as lucky as you were.
by TurtleDude87 May 15, 2009
The number "87" has come to be known as the gay "69." The homosexual community adopted the use of this number in the late 20th Century. It is believed the numbers 8 and 7 were chosen because they are the two numbers between 6 and 9. The reason the numbers were reversed is thought to be because the males who participate in this act will often reverse their positions.
The number has evolved to also be used as a descriptive for a young inexperienced homosexual male. As in, "He looks like a real 87."
by martinroxx23 February 04, 2010
eighty-seven, a number dumb***!
If my calculations are correct, the square root is 87!
by Gabrielle Pumpernicle November 14, 2003

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