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Wednesday nights at Shampoo nightclub in Philly. Known as Nocturne Wednesday. The main room has industrial/goth music but theres another room for just 80s music.
Justin: "Yo man you going to 80s night tonight?"
Eric: "Yeh! Get over here before we go."
by Dico April 09, 2007

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Every tuesday night an event at the Pirates Cove where Justin goes to get jumped and I sit at home and sulk 'cause I'm only 17 and can't go yet.
"We're going to 80's night tonight"
"I cant believe you'd ditch me for that"
"get a fake id"
"well I guess I could use my brother's old one"
"do it, dude"
"Yeah, but then itd say I'm 22 and I could barely pass for 15."
by Don Johnson April 08, 2005