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You were raised during the 80's. During the 80's you were still a young child and don't know, or remember what happened during the 70's.
"See I'm a 80's baby, mastered Reaganomics" Jay Z
"I'm a 80's baby, come on now-Voltron, ThunderCats, He-Man, SilverHawks, Tranformers, G.I Joe, Mighty Mouse." Harley
by Shamonika May 04, 2007
reference to those that were born in the 80s (1980-89)
rappers use this a lot as it has become a cool thing to be born in the 80s and use this nickname for it
yo im the greatest mc, even betta den jay-z, and im so fly cos im a 80s baby

jay-z did claim he was an 80s baby but he was born in 1970s.Cam'ron then dissed him about on a recently realeased track.

by 80s Baby February 21, 2006
A person that was born to crack addicted parents, during the 80's.
Messy Marvmentions to be an 80's baby.

Friend1:Ay breh when were you born?
Friend2:Man im an 80's baby.
by L1$$4 November 17, 2011