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reference to those that were born in the 80s (1980-89)
rappers use this a lot as it has become a cool thing to be born in the 80s and use this nickname for it
yo im the greatest mc, even betta den jay-z, and im so fly cos im a 80s baby

jay-z did claim he was an 80s baby but he was born in 1970s.Cam'ron then dissed him about on a recently realeased track.

by 80s Baby February 21, 2006
this term confuses a lot of people. the term “80s baby” doesn’t mean a person born in the 1980s. it means a person that was a teenager in the 1980s and experienced the youth culture of the 1980s.
You are an "80s baby" if:

If you played Pac Man, Donkey Kong, Pole Position, Centipede, or Super Mario Bros video games

Played outside til the street lights came on

Wore neon colors, catheads, leg warmers, jean jackets, jumpsuits, acid washed jeans, oversized shirts

Went to the movies to see E.T., Breakin', Real Genius, The Muppets, Karate Kid, Ghostbusters, Coming To America, Krush Groove, Mary Poppins, or Beat Street

Woke up earlier on Saturday mornings to watch cartoons, and Zoom/Mr. Wizard's World so you could do the same experiments the kids did on show

If you knew the lyrics to Self Destruction and Fight the Power.

Played duck duck goose, simon says, double dutch, kickball, hopscotch, dodgeball.. etc

Remember seeing Michael Jackson's perform "Billie Jean" on the Music Awards Show
by Alis.2 March 11, 2014
A person that was born to crack addicted parents, during the 80's.
Messy Marvmentions to be an 80's baby.

Friend1:Ay breh when were you born?
Friend2:Man im an 80's baby.
by L1$$4 November 17, 2011
You were raised during the 80's. During the 80's you were still a young child and don't know, or remember what happened during the 70's.
"See I'm a 80's baby, mastered Reaganomics" Jay Z
"I'm a 80's baby, come on now-Voltron, ThunderCats, He-Man, SilverHawks, Tranformers, G.I Joe, Mighty Mouse." Harley
by Shamonika May 04, 2007
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