A warm, extremely content feeling, usually accompanied with heartbeats in quick succession and a smile on the face.

The only best example known to mankind is the smile on 876968's pretty face.
When I kissed her forehead, she smiled and her heart went 808..
by 876968 April 29, 2011
A slammin ass system
Lil Chris:ay yo check out dat 808

Doughboy:damn that shit bumpin!!!
by smalldick69 June 12, 2008
808 means more than a number and way more than one word; it's definition is extensive. 808 stands for family, friends, blood, crew, clique, love, home, authentic, having fun, minding your own business. 808 is REAL.
"I love my 808 family"

"I'm riding around in the Chevy listening to Lil Wayne, 808"

"Where are you? I'm at 808"

"Are you going out tonight? No, I'm kicking it with my 808 family"
by Tbird. May 11, 2010
To completely change everything and transform into something or someone that is unrecognizable and less likable then who or what they were before. Referring to Kanye West's transformation from "Graduation" to "808's and Heartbreak" from a brilliant rap artist to an unoriginal auto-tuned sellout.
Man, Lil' Wayne is going 808 on me with this new "Prom Queen" rock stuff.
by PCMW April 02, 2009
808 come straight outta "nogo" (north chicago)
6ros over 6itches.
808 dude, i got you.
GD for life nig.
by GDNigg December 30, 2009
Back in the day ( late 80's) Alpine made a woofer with a model number of "808".
my "808" makes the trunk rattle
by rippen101 July 26, 2006
The number used on all Bicycle brand playing cards decks of Poker Cards.
This deck of cards says 808 on the box.
by Iceman90 June 13, 2004

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