808 often refers to the Roland TR-808 analog drum machine. It was released in late 1981 and was produced up until 1984. TR stands for Transistor Rhythm. The 808's insanely deep bass drum, snappy snare, and that weird cowbell sound are among the legendary synthesized drum sounds produced by this machine. You can hear this machine in popular songs dating back to the early 80's, to even today's popular music. Though, modern producers most likely use 808 samples.

If you want to buy one secondhand, good luck. They're very expensive with prices ranging from $1200 and up. For some situations, samples will suffice, but some people say samples do not capture the true nature of the TR-808. So wether or not samples are good enough is completely subjective.

Another option for 808 sounds are various hardware and software "clones" which set out to reproduce the 808 sound as faithfully as possible. Roland, who originally created the TR-808, has never made a dedicated TR-808 clone themselves, and will most likely never produce this legendary machine ever again. They have, however, offered 808 samples in many different products for well over a decade now.
"Nothing sounds quite like an 808."
by Alex_Edwards July 22, 2008
An area code of Hawaii.
808 pride, mon!
by Anonymous February 24, 2003
1. An 808 refers to a drum machine called a Roland TR-808. One factor leading to its popularity was its kick drum sound, which could produce a very deep sub-bass.

"Secret stolen, All from deep inside, The 808's on time" - INOJ

"We be going boom like an 808"- Blaque
by Dee'z January 28, 2008
What goes around comes around. Good and bad actions always makes a full circle back to you... Karma
He'll get his, 808...
by The Q B June 05, 2014
The area code for the Hawaiian Islands. People who use this in their usernames are likely to come from Hawaii or live there.
"808 all day"
"808 life"
by 808girl August 26, 2013
Irish firefighter's organization based around 808 Bellevue Ave in Syracuse, NY. Members carry Sharpie markers and oval stickers to mark their territory
Some one 808'ed this hydrant!
by Erin Gobraugh September 18, 2009
quality number everyone loves, cant get enough of this number really.
Boy: 808
Girl (katie lou): much love for that number
by gauntyellow October 28, 2009

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