Meaning 8 miles away from the center of detroit. Little 12 year olds dress all bad and think they are from the ghetto when in reality they live in a nice suburb and they are rich but think they are hard core.
wigger 1-yo dogg lets go down to 8 mile i wonder what its like

wigger 2-yes for sho what does 8 mile mean
by vince misiewicz March 28, 2005
1. used as slang to describe a "wigger," or white male who attempts to act as though he is black

2. someone who attempts to act like Eminem
"Give it up, 8 Mile, you can't rap."
by Karmaghost September 28, 2004
A person that plays on Halo, who is a total douche bag, and enjoys getting blowjobs from a bus driver named jenny.
8 mile is getting a bj while he acts like a douche on Halo.
by Scott April 22, 2005
White trash at its finest (or worst depending on which way you look at it).
8 mile stars Emimem. 'Nuff Said.
by White Sox Rule July 14, 2004
the ghetto "cough" i mean trailer park wher feminem grew up and had such a bad life
I grew up in 8 mile tha ghetto stfu thats a fuckin trailer park ho.
by andrew December 10, 2003
The biggest waste of an $8 ticket ever.
I hope that Eminem's movie career bombs after seeing his movie 8 Mile.
by J.P. May 28, 2003

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