Olde English 800 Malt Liquor. Often called OE
Most popular in 40 ounce bottles.
OE's the name, 8 Ball's the game!
by andyflex April 08, 2006
In terms of methamphetamines, speed/dope/shit, an eighth of an ounce of meth.
Dopefiend1: I traded my kid's Playstation for an eight ball.
Dopefiend2: I traded your wife's DVD player for my eight ball.
by brandon's wife April 13, 2004
(British Slang) Offensive Slang word for a black person. The pool ball, 8 ball is black in colour
What are you doing over there talking to that 8 ball mate
by cfc G September 15, 2009
1) billiards (from the number "8" ball that is to be sunk after all the others to win the game).

2) to be "8 balled" is to be in a difficult or impossible situation.
1) wanna go play some 8 ball at o'reilly's?

2) better get a lawyer to read that contract before you sign it, otherwise you could get 8 balled.
by ColdOne June 27, 2004
olde english 800 malt liqour which was also very popular in the best hip hop group NWA
eazy-e erapped about it like this... dont drink brass monkey, like to be funky, nickname eazy-e your 8 ball junkie
by cj dont ask why August 01, 2006
slang for a bald black guy. opposite of Q-ball or runway beacon.
Chris's 8-ball always glistens as he enters the room.
by velvy March 20, 2007
A code-word or phrase to be used when communicating covertly to one's associate in front of other's; specifically indicating a big success with the usuallyjanky mission at hand.
He whispered,"8-Ball" to his friend, predicting success, when he saw that the store clerk was an unsuspecting young kid likely to accept his fake ID to purchase beer.
by JANE KEY October 26, 2005

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