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A very happy man with a pair of sunglasses on his head, and a VERY stylish beard covering his flimsy neck. He has a round tummy, and wittle feet. Because of his small feet though, he tripped on a landmind during the war and lost both of his arms. Yet he still finds the will to smile. He truely is a hero.88
Girl: I love you
Guy: I love you too
Girl: :)
Guy: 8=D~O:
Girl: Awww!!<3
by Left2Rest February 28, 2011
The symbol that represents a dick cumming into a mouth. Usualy typed in text messages when you want to piss people off or suggest the action of doing so.

The "8=D" represents the dick.

The "~" represents the cum.

And the "O:" represents the mouth (with the eyes) being cummed into.
*Texter 1* : "Hey, guess what I did to my girlfriend last night?"

*Texter 2* : "What?"

*Texter 1*: "8=D~O:"

*Texter 2* "Aw, that's gross..."
by ~HidanLover~ August 07, 2010

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