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Coming from West Auckland, this band smashes out any competition. Currently touring with Dawn of Azazel and Frankenbok, the one tour you cannot miss if you're a true metal fan and come from New Zealand.
Just listen to their first album... The "Hate Made Me" album fucking owns.
by justjay April 22, 2005
8 foot sativa is a kick ass metal band from new zealand. they are really cool.
"you heard the 8ft song destined to be dead? fuck it's the shit."
by charlie February 25, 2004
a mean ass heavy metal band that originated for west auckland in new zealand . they have released 2 albums
"hate made me"
"season for assault"

hate made me tracklist ;

*before your suffering
*hate made me
*fuel set
*cock tease
*its all so real
*growen aggression
*stolen life
*kick it all away
*8 foot sativa
*invention 13

season for assult tracklist ;

*Whats Lost Is Tomorrow
*Escape From Reality
*For Religions To Suffer
*Destined To Be Dead
*Hatred Forever
*Season For Assault
*Chelsea Smile
*The Abused
*Hate Made Me
step up step up step up for sativa
step up step up for 8 foot sativa
by sam October 13, 2004