69, with 3 fingers
I gave that bitch a 72
by Anonymous May 11, 2003
the scumbag bushidiot's IQ
g w bushidiot took an IQ test and cheated.
He was able to show a higher than actual score of 72.
by REAL AMERICAN VETERAN September 02, 2005
69 with three fingers up the ASS!
Man, we 72 last night, and he came soo good.
by Raven January 01, 2003
I heard this somewhere..69 with 3 fingers
"I gave her a 72 last night"
by Christy January 15, 2003
the number of the guardian angels in the heaven that have as duty to protect us :)
Internet games chat (rare) : untouchable
- lucky man!
- I'm 72 gurdians in my life :D
by Haziel March 21, 2005

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