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noun - The number of virgins that a terrorist is given after blowing up their target. (virgins' genders may vary)
BOOM!.......Are you my 72 virgins?...Ah shit...
by obamapproved May 24, 2009
58 49
When a woman is bent over-(resembling the number 7)
And a man is licking her asshole while on his knees behind her ( resembling the number 2 )
( If you look at the number 72 closely, you can visualize it the way you visualize the number -69- as two people)
I bent that bitch over and gave her the 72 before i banged her doggy style.
by SHAOLIN CAVEMAN August 26, 2006
195 69
Three days off in a row.
I taking a 72 this weekend.
by Phakebox August 05, 2005
238 121
The 72nd number from zero.
guy1- Whats your favorite number?
by Wil L. March 30, 2005
162 137
69 but with 3 fingers
damn i 72'd that bitch
by hillary2005 October 09, 2009
37 23
69 and a little bit more
Person 1: I heard you and Ben did 69
person 2: It was amazing, it would have to be a 72!
by ScarletLingerie13 January 28, 2012
12 6
7-2 (Also known as Seven Deuce in Texas Hold'em) is a hand composed of a 7 and a 2 of different suits. It is the WORST possible starting in Hold'em, as it is composed of two low cards that are unsuited, and the chances of making a straight are slim to none (and slim's on vacation). Anybody should fold this hand right away unless you are playing with some fun rules. An example of that would be a bounty, where if somebody WINS a pot with seven-deuce, everybody at the table has to pay the winner a certain amount.

This has actually been seen played on High Stakes Poker, and Phil Hellmuth forced Mike Matusow fold a pair of kings with an aggressive bet. After he showed everybody he won a pot with seven-deuce, they payed him his bounty.

Antonio Esfandiari claims that this is great for the game, because when somebody makes a big raise, you don't know if they have aces or seven-deuce.
Wow dude, I picked up an extra 8000 for winning a pot with 7-2.

Wow he folded queens and I won the pot with 7-2
by LiftMySkirtMakeItHurt December 21, 2009
5 2