Area Code for the following New York City NYC boroughs: Queens Qnz, Brooklyn Bk, Bronx Bx and some Long Island LI locations like East Jamaica and Far Rockaway Sections. Note: Only NYC borough not to be turned into a 718 area code is Manhattan which is 212.
Artist: Theodore Unit, Album: "718"
by DJ Fonztana May 04, 2006
Top Definition
The area code of various places in New York City, NOT just the Bronx and Brooklyn, but also Queens and Staten Island.
Dial 718 when calling someone in various parts of New York City, such as Queens or The Bronx.
by ohmygosh May 08, 2006
Area code for quite a few famous New York cities.Mainly tha Bronx and brooklynBk,also Staten Isle,most of Rockaway,Long Island,Middle Village,La Guardia Airport and Jaimaca to name few.My bad to all those i missed.
Bk dont need to stand up because it was neva sittin down y'all.
by zxulu tha big lip bandit November 18, 2004
area code for tha BX (Bonx) and BK (Booklyn)
Yo, everybody from tha 718 rep yo shit!
by bman November 29, 2003
Area Code for Bronx Uptown and BrOoklyn.....New yOrk...Stand Up!!!
Ricky:Where u live
Tomas:718 Area
by Ariel November 01, 2004
Area code for Brooklyn, NY.

Birthplace of Tupac Shakur and hip hop.
Home of the brave,
Home of the grimiest in the United States
by Jon_Dough July 13, 2005
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