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opposite of 90s small. Defines a male as someone that weighs more than 200 lbs. It celebrates lifting heavy weights, eating lots of food and drinking whole milk.
That dude is 70s big
by zer00 April 11, 2010
70’s Big is an idealization which is synonymous with being strong. It can also be considered the quest of attaining strength and subsequently muscular body weight. It takes the view that the best way to obtain strength is through barbell training, and barbell training means squatting, pressing, deadlifting, cleaning, jerking, and snatching. It is also a website.
70's big is:


Improve strength through barbell training while eating plenty of food

Become big by being strong as opposed to aesthetic focused exercise

Begin a movement against the prevailing wisdom that “looking good” means being emaciated, gaunt, and undernourished

Be humble about our own gains of strength while encouraging and teaching others to improve theirs

Honor the lifters of the past who inspire us to become 70’s Big
# Test ourselves in competition while encouraging others to take the chance on competing
by AC IS 70'S BIG! April 09, 2010
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