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Boobs that look like pointy swinging rocket tips from the 70's due to the style of bras that held them in this era.
Jon: "Whoa, you see that chicks rack?"
Pete: "Yeah they're nice looking 70's boobs!"
Jon: "I'd definitely hit it, bro!"
by JHop March 28, 2008
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meaning:breasts that require no artificial support whilst still retaining the appealing and attractive quality of the natural breast of a woman. In the late 60s ladies stopped wearing bras, as a result boobs sagged,some women looked good, others....... Nowadays(2011) women with 70s boobs are those who have great tits and are young, but sag giving them a 70s look, or an older women with amazing tits that are saggy but still amazing and true 70s boobs
Will: damn those are nice, she's not wearin a bra and those look amazing
Bill: i know, she has great 70s boobs

Chachi: i love that she has such a natural look and doesn't wear a bra
Jimmy: ya bro shes got fantastic 70s boobs
by Johnnynh June 09, 2011

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