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The situation in which a pathetic attempt to belittle people is committed, in order to lower the metaphorical playing field to make yourself appear bigger by making reference to past mistakes and embarrassments.
Dickish guy: haha lets post this thing online to make fun of people.
Other dickish guy: Yeah good plan
Victim: This is 70 euros all over again.
by Nex Solo March 01, 2011
When a male virgin enters a brothel and proceeds to pay a whore 70 Euros to have sexual intercourse. Yet the plan fails when said male cannot become erect.
Alex: Sup, what can I get for 70 euros?

Whore: You can get two blowjobs and sex.

Alex: Sweet!

*2 blowjobs later, they begin to partake in sexual intercourse yet Alex is unable to achieve an erect penis and leaves the brothel still a virgin*
by Greavsie458 March 01, 2011
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