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The fiercest digit known to man.
7 is the fiercest digit because 7 8 9. Ha
by dumbass July 19, 2003
Quite possibly the greatest number ever. Always a good answer to a question demanding a numerical answer, especially if the actual answer is unknown.
Person 1:How many cars did you see?
Person 2:(immediately after and confident) Seven
by "Kane Millard" May 30, 2004
The number that ate 9. all the other numbers are scared of him.
Why are all the other numbers afraid of 7? Because 7 8 9 (seven ATE nine..)

by shaxta September 05, 2006
7 can be used to anwser anything and describe anyone and anything. It is the key to life. Without 7 we would not exist. Use 7 for anything. It is the ultimate powerful digit.
Math teacher: What's the answer to number 5?

Person in back of room: 7!
by Nick Solimando January 10, 2005
A very, very, VERY common lucky number. Also used in the bible several times. (God rests on the 7th day, 7 seals of the scroll, etc.)
Paul: 7 is my lucky number.
Joe: No way! Thats my lucky number too!
by UM North Quad April 21, 2006
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