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A mountain bike with a 26" rear wheel and a 29" front wheel.
this bike is a 69er.
by the cyclist April 11, 2010
A 69er is when a man/woman and a woman/man lie down on top of each other so that they are both facing opposite directions. And then the both of them lick/suck/whatever each others genitals (pussy/dick)
by ANIME KING April 17, 2003
when a guy & girl give oral sex at the same time, facing opposite directions, like 69!
Me: God I'm so horny u wanna do a 69er with jason
Janson: Yea baby we do a great 69er!
Me: lick my cunt hard baby!
by H0tT!e October 05, 2004
partners, licking and sucking of organ's together....
my favorite before my partner fuck me...shit 69ers! i am getting horny when i remember him licking and sucking my pussy!
by toink_20 September 11, 2007
When a girl and guy suck the other persons dick/pussy
by Anonymous October 31, 2003
2 guy?gal lick suck everything in sight of the ass!
guy1 "lick my ass honey"
guy2 "ok, only if you lick mine too"
by doodles June 16, 2003