Top Definition
FOOK = kewl sexay dumb krn chick!
by Nick Lam April 07, 2005
Fo0k be one funny piece of shit!! .. buh a very sexay piece of shit =] .. buh no touchy!! she is all mine! cz she is my GAYBOOB PARTNER... yeh daz right! itz a connection we share .. cz we love GAYTIME .. lolz .. she is one half of s2_FJ_s2 which consists of da two most sexiest pplz alive!! well at least wen me and fo0k kill everyone else dat is prettie den us x] .. oh and btw .. SHE LOVES APPLEZ ... and I LOVE STRAWBERRIES .. cz we are cool and dey are yum.yum.. mmmmmz =9
and fo0k loves me da most above and beyond everyone! cz im cool xP

by s2_jah April 08, 2005

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