A number immediately before 70, and immediately after 68.
Usage: Bingo Calling.

"A meal for two with a hairy view - Number 69".
by biznuge November 15, 2012
the number after 68 but before 70
(Counting numbers) 1.2.3,.4.......................68.69.70

69 numbers
by kayinptoko May 14, 2011
The number that comes after 68 and before 70.
Kid 1: Hey, let's play hide-and-go-seek!
Kid 2: Okay! I'll start counting! 1, 2, 3...
67, 68, 69... 99, 100! Ready or not, here I come!
by The Joking Quace of Sparts December 20, 2010
Simultanues oral sex.
When A male gets his penis sucked, while licking the female's pussy.
The 69 was so hot the other day!
by stfu fucking bitch June 23, 2007
A guy eating a girls cum while she sucks on his dick
Hey! I got 6-9 last night a along with getting some ass thrown in.
by Mayp September 24, 2006
A number that is the product of 3 and 23, two prime numbers. Fucking internet perverts.
Proffessor: The mathematical properties of the number 69, whilst limited, are uinfalingly fascinating.
Student: (raises hand) Yo, doc i got a question!
Proffessor: Yes good sir?
Student: Isn't 69 that freaky shit where she sucks your dick, and you eat her out at the same time?
Proffessor: It is not limited exclusively to heterosexuals. Dumbass.
by Mohammed's Yiddiskeit December 16, 2014
When a boy is eat a girls pussy wile she is sucking on his dick; the 6 stands for the girl sucking dick, the 9 stands for a boy eating a girls pussy; also a T-Pain song
come on baby let's do a 69.
by Tia Da Natti All Day May 10, 2008

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