A number between 67 and 69.
I'm going to count to 69.
1 2 3..............66 67 68 69.
by Irina October 15, 2004
when the girl is hogtied to a fan and she gives u head while the fan is spinning. has a simease twin screamin while the fan is spinning. Then the guy turns around and gets a reach around by the other siemeas twin. then it finishes with a nice rusty trombone. and a mexican taco stand.
Guy 1: Dude lets go 68 in ur bedroom.
GIrl 1: we cant i dont have a fan.
Twin: We can go to my room.
Other tein: ok lets go get the rope. And the beads for the mexican taco stand.
Guy 1: YAY!
by longrod von hudgen dong April 01, 2009
anything related to sex, especially if discussed by a fictional comic book character known as "Mister Kim" of Manayunk, PA where in the late 90's the cable porno channel was "channel 68". Also used by various members of Philadelphia bar / art / bicycle riding scene to express any and all comments related to sexual activity, and/or derogatory imitation of asian people.
"ohhhh, davey, you 68 last night? use goooood sisty-ate technique? go real slow, then fast, like piston!"

"dude, I saw you talking to that fat girl at the bar last night, you 68 that jawn?"
by hank999 October 29, 2006
the opposite if 86. to accept something once it has been rejected by such terms as 86ing something.
He was 86'ed from the casino, but when he proved that he did no wrong doing he was 68ed
by ethan parish February 07, 2007
An alternate version of a room temp, who tends to be dorkier. Is a play off of the usual actual temperature of an air-regulated indoor room, and the below pun about 68 being the number just before 69.
That guy is such a 68... he can never find another one for 69!"
by switchie January 28, 2006
1. licking out someones arse for sexual pleasure
2. when someone doesnt correctly do a 69
i was doing a 68 last night; lets just say someone had curry the night before
by Tegan Surd December 25, 2007
1. The number between 66 and 67

2. A sexual act that will not be commented on further

3. (New definition) Code for "Fuck Hitler". Comes from "F", which is the 6th letter in the alphabet, and "8", the 8th letter, which is "H". Can be used to respond to neo-nazi morons.
1. Can you give me the answer to question 68 please?

2. Do you wanna do a 68?

3. Nazi bastard: Them joos 're fuckin' up the countree! 88!

Sensible person: You're an idiot. 68, asshole.
by BigD87 January 18, 2009

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