Having regular sex as opposed to 69 Where the ovals of each number a supposed to represent the heads of each person particapating.
My and my gurl are gonna 66 tonight.
by Fork Me With A Spoon January 10, 2004
a gay version of 69; a sexual position of a couple
"how about we're on for 66 when we came home?" "not tonight boo"
by thelegalmalik January 21, 2016
Upside down anal sex from behind
Bob and Doug were both horny astronauts so the decided to 66.
by saskriders January 06, 2012
Refers to homosexual anal sex. "66" is a graphical representation of two partners of the same sex (with a derivation similar to that of 69, only with equal digits). Usable as a verb or a descriptive noun. (Variations include "to go 66.") Also possibly 99.
Those gays were going 66.
by Brown Sugar March 18, 2003
A much cooler way to type ^^
lol 66
by doopey November 23, 2008
A way to describe a douche bag without actually calling them a d-bag.
That guy over there is such a 66.
by R.Rabbit August 12, 2009
A huge ass thing of alcohol. Serves about two.
"Hey Tina, are we drinking that 26 at your party?"
"Fuck no, we got us a 66 of vodka, yummy..."
by ilovealkyhawl December 30, 2005
The 1966 Cadillac DeVille.
My 66 hops higher than yours!
by - D - June 17, 2006
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