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Chevrolet '64 Impala
The fellows out there, makin that dollar
I pulled up in my 6-4 Impala

by VAKI5 August 15, 2003
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64' impala, the best car
rolllin in my 6-4
-snoop dogg "let me ride"
by white pimpness August 14, 2003
Chevrolet '64 Impala.
Rollin' down the street in my 64.
by nokianinja October 07, 2002
Eazy: Cruisen down the street in my 64, jokkin the bitches, slappin' the hoes, went to the park to get the scoop, knucle heads out there co-shootin' sum hoop
by Andrew August 21, 2003
a 1964 Chevorlett impala, populerized by Eric lynn Wright aka Eazy-E, the Ragtop is a Chevy 6-4 ss convertable soft top
Cruzin down tha street in my 6-4 jockin tha bitches slappin the Hoes - Eazy-E
by Cray-Z Positive October 19, 2007
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a 1964 chevy impala
i was hittin switches in my six fo
by Ben Dover April 14, 2003
a chevy impala from 1964
i got my 64 riding on dayton spokes

!get in my car!
by hey what r u eating April 26, 2005
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