New Hampshire, derived from New Hampshire's zip code.
"I'm representing the 603"

"I was born and raised in the 603"
by protocoldroid June 18, 2004
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The state of New Hampshire's area code. We only have one.
Live free or die in the 603
by Kailey K. February 28, 2006
Removing a used condom and slapping a female in the face post sex. Usually takes place in backseat of a Toyota 4runner.

Dude after i banged that slut she told me she had herpes so i repped the 603, i think i hit her in the eye.
by Albatross May 15, 2006
Bullshit area code for New Hampshit. The. whole. fucking. piece. of. shit. state.
603 sucks balls don't live here unless ur a ninja
by massgirl4lyfex15 September 24, 2007

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