Contraction of the word "yes". Coined at TorchTheBridge by Leto and Tezkah. Note how the 6 looks somewhat like a thumbs up, and 9, it's opposite, looks like a thumbs down.
"Do you like me?"

by Tezkah April 25, 2005
From the #NLSS by RockLeeSmile: "6" (six/ˈsɪks/) refers to half of the sexual activity commonly known as "69", meant to replace the use of the word "blowjob".
"Ryan, I'll give you a 6" -JSmithOTI.
by Nitrohite June 05, 2014
a 6 figure car
Dam sucka you see the rims on that 6??!!
by E-WeEzIe June 13, 2004
1. The first whole number to come after five and before seven.

2. Behind you, 6 o' clock.
4, 5, 6, 7, 8,

Watch my 6, I'm going in.
by supercubedude October 25, 2004
In Russian "Shestyorka" is the lowest rank in the Russian Mafia. The term came about from a Russian card game called "Durak (Means fool)" where the 6 is the lowest card.
That dude just joined the Russian Mafia, he's a 6.
by CCCP November 11, 2006
Meaning girl or female
Used mainly by the "Crip" gang
Being that the 6 on the six point star stands for a girl
Crip 1:Yo i'm bout to go chill wit dis 6

Crip 2: Crills cuz, that's what's crackin, make sure you wrap up, she might be burnin
by Nightmare-Brim October 14, 2007

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