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A 511 montgo ave slag show is a Merion Mercy student that routinely grinds, touches, kisses on the check, kisses on the hand, kisses on the forehead, kisses on the nose, kisses on the lips, french kisses, blows, poses for a facebook picture with, hugs, holds, humps, screws, bumps, shtups, engages in coitus, or copulates with a student from La Salle or an InterAc school (read: The Haverford School).
Yeah dude, she is a total 511 montgo ave slag show, c'mon, didn't you see her getting with Vance, only a couple of minutes after posing for a facebook picture with All InterAc lax stud, James 'Chip' Barrington?
by Boss Hamilton October 26, 2011
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