Meeting up with buddies right after work for drinks, usually down at the local bar.
hey, it's friday, lets do a 505 today
by flyingtattoolady October 25, 2006
Top Definition
The area code for New Mexico.
I got hoes in the 505.
by industrialprophet.com November 16, 2002
Pronounced Five-Oh-Five. The thing which is simultaneously keeping you alive and killing you, often used to describe a person who you're in love with (but who may be bad for you).
I knew he was bad for me but I kept coming back... I needed him. He was my 505.
by dreamdreamdream May 07, 2015
Black people. Its the GM Paint code for Black.
Cop 1: We got ourselves a couple 505's trying to break in a gas 'n go.

Cop 2: There's something you don't see everyday...
by Orion370 November 20, 2008
the cops or the police.
505 can't hold me down!
by Pinto February 14, 2005
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