Someone who likes to ask a lot of questions.
Where you been, who you with, where are you bout to go now, what time ya coming back. Dannnng 50 cent quit asking 21 questions.
by tinkertinkerbella September 10, 2010
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The reason why people who enjoy REAL music (hip-hop or non hip-hop) have considered suicide. I never really did listen to him, but I think everybody deserves a chance, so I looked up the lyrics to the songs. Those are five minutes of my life I can never get back. 50 Cent's lyrics are basically 'nigga' 'f*ck' 'ho' then a bunch of mess about how everybody in the ghetto loves him. On top of all that he stole the name from drug dealer Kelvin "50 Cent" Martin. And yet, he's making more money than his tiny little brain can imagine. I probably shouldn't say that though, because apparently, he knows business. He certainly managed to make millions off of idiots round the world. You have to have some talent to do that.
Guy: Are you listening to 50 Cent?
Girl: Hell no.
Guy: Oh, you don't like him either?
Girl: Please. Dude couldn't even be a dollar. And have you heard his lyrics?
Guy: *shudders* Five minutes of my life I'll never get back.
by Because-I-Am May 08, 2009
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A rapper who makes the same song over and over again on different beats and sells millions to the completely retarded majority of white pop fans that wish they lived the life that he claims to live in his rhymes. Should never be compared to 2Pac and anyone who does compare him to 2Pac should be shot.
"wow 50 Cent is alot like Tupac"...Gunshots....Cut to body outlined in chalk
by Lav43 June 21, 2005
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The BEST RAPPER in the world. All the haters of 50 just can suck my DICK! All the haters hate 50 because he survived from 9 shots and became a King of rap, while your favourite rappers just retarded, like Ja Rule, Fat Joe, Jadakis and another rappers. The Game - sucks, he's gonna end his career after releasing "LAX" in 2008. He tried to copy Tupac's songs, but Tupac is unbeatable. He is a father of gangsta-rap, and what about Game? Huh, he don't even was in the game. So 50 is the best in da game!
50 cent'll split ya up, them coroners gon' pick you up.
by StreetsVoicenumba2 February 05, 2008
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a man who has recently turned into a boy for a film role.
dude 1: yo u seen 50 cent recently ?

dude 2: yeah he lookin like a black benjamin button or sutum
by iilluminatk May 28, 2010
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A performer of music which has become painfully mainstream, one of the common weak r & b and rap stereotypes.
His 'music' generally contains short, simple words; so those who underwent a limited education due to spending far too long in a juvenile centre can understand the point that he is trying to get across; if he had a point, that is. Note that every other line must contain a word such as "Ho", "Bitch", or "Spank".
This is the kind of performer those whom cannot think for themselves tend to follow, and in a pathetic attempt to conform, decide to buy every album he has made, as buying 'music' made by a convicted black male is now cool.

I honestly don't understand the attraction this sort of music has to our generation.

To me, this guy makes Hillary Duff sound good. And well, she should burn in hell.
On the subject of 50 cent...

I have nothing against those of the black culture, and respect them entirely.
However, I am -way- too white for this bullshit music.
by Effect November 19, 2005
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another half ass rapper that thinks hes big shit because hes from new york. he was good but just got to cocky and kept rapping about the same shit
two of 50 cent's song: amusement park and candy shop are the same thing
by honer before death July 31, 2008
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