A piece of shit "gangster" rapper who would die of starvation if he had to make money the real way like everyone else. A figurehead of "gangster rap" that has been created by MTV faggots for your viewing pleasure.

A street punk with the intellect of a 12 year old. Not likely to make it to 30, this piece of shit who affiliates himself with Crips and other Gangbangers will soon be forgotten once people catch on that he is a waste of life and stop buying his albums.

Being shot with a 9mm doesn't make him tough - it means he's stupid and lucky - and he probably cried like a little bitch when it happened. Hopefully he and his faggot friends finish their pathetic little lives in Federal Prison or dead on the street from some gang war. He'd last five minutes outside of the ghetto.
50Cent is a little faggot rapper
by J_Smith April 02, 2005
the mtv based rapper who is the reason why everyone says rap sucks. go look up rap or rap music and you will see all the examples involve 50 cent in some way. absolutely no flow, uses the same rhyming scheme, and he has a group named g unit (g-unot). his biggest mistake was kicking the game out of g unit because the game is raw and the only good thing in g unit. is proof that mtv is destroying the hip hop music. also hes made a career on the fact he got shot nine times. also he starts beef with everyone hmmm ja rule, fat joe, nas, jadakiss...all better rappers than him. he is ruining mainsteam rap along with ludacris, chingy, and all the other corporate mainstream shit. you see this man you shoot him no questions asked
50 cent sucks eminems dick for starting him up and he knows if he ever leaves shady aftermath records he will be killed in a real rap battle
by i wanna piss on you May 12, 2006
50 cent is a little bitch that is famous because some gangsta nigga tried to kill him. He has beefs wit the game, Ja rule, JaDAKISS. Fat Joe. This lil bitch is mad because nobody wanna work with him him except his G-unot crew. his songs are all the same just listen to magic stick and candy shop.
50 cent was talkin about himself when he dropped wanksta.

If 50 continues to diss Jada he gon get shot and eve'rbody gon be happy!!!
by Laurent Hamelin October 02, 2005
Most people know 50 Cent as a whack ass poser and an amazingly bad rapper. The truth is if all u hardcore rap fans out there heard 50's early albums and mixtapes you'd see he has some talent. Listen to Ghetto Quaran, Power of the dollar, Im a Hustler, the good die young and other songs from power of the dollar and guess whos back
Jon: Yo 50 cent sux
Harry: If you'd listen to his old mixtapes u wouldnt be saying that
by aka maybe the truth November 08, 2006
A pop singer, often mistaken for a rapper, despite the fact that his music really gives off that pop vibe. He seems even more like a pop star since most of his fanbase consists of preppy white suburban teenagers. He is known in hip-hop for snitching and lying. His snitching record is highlighted by Irv Gotti and Supreme. The lies he has told throughout his career are as follows:

- He was not a drug dealer. He was a lookout, and not a very good one, since he ended up getting himself and a few others caught.

- He did not serve time in prison. He served 7 months in a boot camp.

- He did not get shot 9 times, he got shot 3 times.

50 has rapidly become the most hated man in hip-hop. He has been openly dissed by the following rappers:

The Game
Fat Joe
Styles P
Sheek Louch
Juelz Santana
Fat Joe
Big Punisher
Black Child
Ja Rule
Irv Gotti
Wu-Tang Clan
Phat Rat
Charli Baltimore
Lil' Kim
Bang 'Em Smurf

And many more...
50 Cent's whole career is based upon lies, all he seems to care about is money. He will forever be known as a snitch, a fake, and the biggest sell-out in the history of music.
by DeeDeeDee187 June 23, 2006
the worst fuckin rapper of all time he fuckin sucks and he needs to get his bitchass off the fuckin radio and off the scence that bitchass motherfucker your GAY!
fuck a nigga named 50 cents u aint nothing but 2 quarters we made change out of your bitch ass nigga!
by 50 cents December 11, 2005
Another "bad ass" rapper who thinks they're all that because they have a lot of money for TALKING, not singing, about killing people, screwing chicks, and having a lot of money. Also, the fact that he's been shot a whole lot of times means he has to be realllly cool.
"I have a crap load of money. I'M COOL!"
by Darryl Dawkins March 07, 2005
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